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about Us

Celebrating over 100 years serving Siloam Springs' families. June 2, 2002 marked the 100th anniversary of Backstrom-Pyeatte Funeral Home's first recorded funeral in Siloam Springs.

In the late 1800's funerals were still taken care of by the family and embalming practices didn't become prevalent in the area until the turn of the century. The first funeral establishment in Siloam Springs was opened by W.W. Brown. Brown owned a livery stable in the downtown area and, on the side, started making caskets and conducting burials. He ran this operation until 1924 when brothers Ralph and Bert Pyeatte bought the business, named it Pyeatte Funeral Home, moving it to the corner of Mt. Olive and Jefferson Streets, where the Dogwood Medical Center is now located.

The funeral home could be reached by dialing 1 on the telephone and ran the ambulance service until the government began regulating emergency services and the fire department took it over.

Bert later sold his interest to Ralph in 1944 and after Ralph died in 1957, his son Pete Pyeatte became sole owner of the funeral home. Pete moved the funeral home to its current location on the corner of Lincoln and Main Streets in 1973. Since then, the funeral home has undergone several expansions and renovations.

In 1984, Madden Enterprises, a family-owned business that operates several Arkansas funeral homes, bought the funeral home and in 1989 the funeral home's name was altered to Backstrom-Pyeatte Funeral Home when former manager Randy Backstrom added his name to the business.

Throughout the business' 100 years of service, and many changes, the focus has remained the same. Our main concern has been and will always be the service to our families and making sure that their time of need is taken care of in the most professional manner, making their time of loss a little bit easier to go through.

In the late 1980's it was decided that there was a need to expand the funeral home in Siloam Springs with the same care for families as was the tradition of Siloam Springs. In November of 1989 the Backstrom-Pyeatte in Springdale opened its doors for business.